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Wholesale Amazonite Beads

The jewelry pieces you wear share a message about you with others. So, it only makes sense to choose pieces that reflect positively on you. Fortunately, this couldn’t be easier with amazonite beads—pale green stones that are said to promote healthy communication among its wearers. And the good news is that we have plenty of amazonite beads at wholesale company BeadsVenture.

Amazonite Beads from Wholesale Provider BeadsVenture

Amazonite, which also goes by the name of “The Amazon Stone,” received its name from South America’s Amazon River. This jade-like stone is well known for its soothing color, which can calm both the spirit and the soul. The gemstone also allegedly imparts harmony and balance—something that every woman who wears it can certainly appreciate and embrace.

At BeadsVenture, our amazonite beads come in a number of forms. For instance, you can find beads that are as small as 4mm and as large as 12mm, depending on your particular need when making jewelry. Our stones also come in multiple shapes and finishes so that you can easily make unique jewelry pieces time and time again.

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If you’re serious about creating jewelry pieces that will stand out in a crowd, you can’t go wrong with amazonite beads. At BeadsVenture, you can feel confident that our amazonite beads are among the best in the market. Order from our vast amazonite bead collection, and begin producing your own beautiful jewelry pieces with these stunning beads today!