Beginner Kit Tutorial

Welcome to BeadsVenture! Here, you will learn how to make your first ever bracelet! 

Please check out the video below on how to make your firstever bracelet! If the video is too fast, you can also read about every single step below the video. 

1. You will receive several bags, as shown in the photo below: a beginner-friendly floss and needle pack, one bag of beads per bracelet, a gift box, and an eco-friendly dust bag. We will begin with the bag that contains a thin needle. (If you have the intermediate kit, you will also receive NinjaCord, which is clear in color.)

2. Find a non-slippery surface and open the bag that contains a thin needle (if you cannot find a non-slippery surface, use the included dust bag). Inside, you will find a needle and  our beginner-friendly floss.
Wrap the floss around your wrist 5-6 times and then cut it. Thread the needle through the middle of the floss, as shown below.

3. To fold the thread, take both strands and bring them together, making sure they are aligned and the needle is in the middle. Then, tie a knot at the end to secure it. This will ensure that the thread does not unravel and provides a strong hold for any project you may be working on. 
You will get something similar like below.

4. Now, open your bead bags individually and start designing your bracelet! If your bags are labeled 1, 2, and 3 for complicated designs, open the first one first before starting the second one. However, this step is not necessary. Some people prefer to lay out their design first.

5. Start stringing the beads. The beginner-friendly needle will help you easily slide the beads down.

6. Make sure to allow the beads naturally slide down.

7. Continue stringing until you finish.

8. After finishing the stringing process, measure the bracelet around your wrist to adjust its length. 

9. Remove the needle, you do not need it any more.
First, tie 2 single knot. Then, tie a double knot.

10. Done! Trim the excess with scissors and tuck the knot. You don't need glue since the knot is already strong enough.

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How to make a bracelet with a connector

If your kit comes with a big bead that has two loops, that's a connector. Don't worry, you can still make your bracelet, but it will be a bit different.

1. Start with one of the loops - string your thread through.

2. Then, add the rest of the beads until you reach your desired size. Make sure to move all the beads to the end of the beading string.

3. String through the other side of the loop, then string back all the beads.

4. String all the way back but do not string thought the loop of the connector.

5. Finish with the same type of knot as a regular bracelet, and tuck in the end. Done!