3 Must-See Stacking Bracelets Design Ideas in 2021 

When it comes to handmade jewelry, we are all about stacking bracelets. From delicate gold hematite bracelets to funky chunky beaded pieces, we say the more the merrier!

Stacking bracelets are easy to make, easier to wear, and go with practically everything. Wear just a couple at a time or layer dozens up both arms. Build them up as high as you like for a real statement. You could even try mixing up bangles and leather bracelets with your handmade gemstone arm candy. The possibilities are endless!

Best of all, layers upon layers of stacking bracelets are one of the best fashion looks of the year. To help you get on board with this hot trend, we've rounded up our top three favorite high-impact designs. Put together a brand new look customized just for you in only 30 minutes or less.

So grab some beads and let’s start making!

- Easy Bracelets Design Ideas for you to make at home -

1. Embrace Multicolor - Starry Sky Bracelets Set

The world is as wonderful as it is colorful. Wear your love of color right on your sleeve with your own unique stack.

There are infinite different color and style combinations out there, so stack up a few of your faves on your wrist. Go ahead and get creative! Put together a color combo in any order that speaks to you.

Wear a whole stack of your favorite color or go with an avante garde pairing for a focal point with punch. Choose complementary color pairings like orange and blue, yellow and purple, or red and green for an instant eye-popping focal point. Or you could go the subtle route with colors in the same family for a toned down look to enhance every outfit.

We know you can’t choose a favorite. So go ahead, make a dozen bracelets in every color!

The starry sky stack mixes contrasting light and dark colors with black lava and blue sodalite gemstone beads. The silver wood bead accents give this jewelry piece an elegant, playful look that will be sure to attract attention from anyone who sees it! This sophisticated yet easy bead stacking bracelet design will go perfectly with every outfit. 


Measure about 12” of NinjaCord. Lay out 6-7” of bold colorful beads in whatever order you like, then slide them onto the stretch cord. Tie the knot, tuck in the ends, and enjoy!

2. Stay Charmed - Sparkling Butterfly Bracelets Set

You can’t go wrong with a string of smooth round beads, but add a charm or two for that extra special touch. We love matching gemstones and charms for a standout look, and we just can’t get enough of those meaningful charms that are so uniquely you.

Find the perfect charm to match any event at BeadsVenture. Choose one that looks great with your outfit, or one that has a more personal meaning for you. A good luck charm can give you hope and inspiration everywhere you go. A delicate locket is perfect for reminding yourself of what's important in life. Wear a special charm on your wrist every day to show off your individuality. 

I chose a delicate pink butterfly to symbolize transformation and hope. The pink wings are a beautiful sight that represents graceful change. This memorable bracelet would be a welcome gift for any recipient of this stunning stack. A small CZ charm drop adds an element of sparkle as well, catching the light at every angle and drawing your eye back again and again. I choose to use white-colored beads only to best show off the delicate charms.


Measure about 12” of NinjaCord. Lay out 6-7” of beads in whatever order you like, remembering to center your favorite charm between the gemstones. If you’re using more than one charm, spread them out evenly. Slide all the beads and charms onto the stretch cord. Tie the knot, tuck in the ends, and enjoy!

3. Mix Different Textures - Druzy Clover Bracelets Set

Bold color combos and special charms are awesome, but sometimes you want to mix and match. Beads come in all kinds of textures and shapes, so why not take advantage of it?

Combine different textures and cuts with your unique stack. Shaped beads, facets, and supersized beads add unbeatable texture to your look while matte and glossy bracelets add a touch of sophistication. Use texture to bring some personality to your monochrome jewelry or jazz up your casual chic with wild shapes.

What’s great about texture combos is that sometimes they harmonize, and sometimes they beautifully clash, depending on what kind of mood you're going for. Combining different types of texture into a single bracelet provides contrast and adds dynamic style to your stack, making each piece stand out more than if they were worn on your wrist separately.

I created this bracelet set with 10mm matte black onyx, 6mm faceted black onyx, and 8mm blue lava beads. The three stones in this bracelet set are a perfect combination for casual wear. The different textured stones bring a sense of depth to each piece and heightens their beauty while giving the stack an individualized touch.


Measure about 12” of NinjaCord. Lay out 6-7” of beads. Remember to use the textured pieces as a focal point like I did with the lava beads. Using bigger and smaller beads will give the bracelet a dynamic look that keeps the eye moving. When you’re ready, slide the beads onto the stretch cord. Tie the knot, tuck in the ends, and enjoy! 

- Let's Get Making! - 

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