BeadsVenture Wholesale

Do you like our beads and want to purchase a large quantity? No problem! Fun fact - a large number of our customers are wholesale customers. Feel free to use the coupons listed below. Don't forget that we offer special discounts on rosewood beads and ninjacords. Too hard to remember the coupon codes? You can click on the coupon code you need, and it will automatically apply to your order(make sure to click on "checkout" so you can see your coupon to be applied). 

Our Discounts on Wholesale Beads for Jewelry Making:

For all regular priced items(except sale items)

Take 15% off over $200 with code "Save15"

Take 20% off over $300 with code "Save20"

Take 25% off over $400 with code "Save25"

Take 30% off over $500 with code "Save30"

Take 35% off over $600 with code "Save35"

Take 40 % off over $700 with code "Save40"

Take 45% off over $900 with code "Save45"

Take 50% off over $1000 with code "Save50"


Special discount for our most popular items

Spend $600 in rosewood collection to get 50% off with code: Rosewood100

Spend $900 in ninjacord collection to get 50% off with code: Ninja100



  • Please make sure to put the coupon code during check out. We are not able to apply any coupon codes after placing an order.
  • One coupon per customer per order.
  • Washington state's residents are required to pay sales tax by law. If you live outside of Washington states, you do not need to pay any sales tax.¬†
  • If you live in Washington states and have a tax identification resale permit, please contact us at¬†