Copy of BeadsVenture Wholesale 11/01/2020

Black Beads

As you look for wholesale beads for jewelry making, you likely want a variety of bead products you can combine to form unique pieces. Unfortunately, some companies give discounts only if you purchase a large quantity of a single product. Fortunately, we aren’t one of those companies.

At BeadsVenture, we’re proud to provide a “mix and match” discount for huge savings. Through our discount program, you can easily save money without having to overstock on a single item.

Our Discounts on Wholesale Beads for Jewelry Making

At BeadsVenture, you can buy the same or different products to enjoy discounts of up to a maximum of 75%. Here’s a breakdown of how many items you need to purchase to receive various discounts.

  • 2 items (2 single packages or products) = up to 5% discount
  • 15 items = up to 20% discount
  • 45 items = up to 30% discount
  • 60 items = up to 40% discount
  • 100 - plus items =up to 50% to 75% discount depending on the items

Note that we discount regularly priced items only, and you cannot combine our “mix and match” discount with coupons.

Also, you don’t have to pay any sales tax if you live in Washington state and have a tax identification resale permit (contact us at for more information).

Order Your Wholesale Beads for Jewelry Making

If you’re looking for affordable beads, the good news is that our items start as low as $0.5. In addition, if you buy $100 worth of items, you’ll get your items shipped totally free.

Browse through our selection of wholesale beads, and start enjoying our amazing discounts on your jewelry-making supplies today!