Creative DIY Bracelet Kit


- BeadsVenture Creative DIY Bracelet Kit  -

Attention all aspiring jewelry designers and fans of everything sparkly! This kit is for you. Use your imagination to design your own unique jewelry pieces, combining colors, beads, and pendants to create an elevated and personalized look. The kit includes beads, pendants, and cords, all packaged in waterproof bags.

- Enter the World of Beading  -

Welcome to the wonderful world of beading! We are excited to take you on a journey through creating your first bracelet. Let's get started by utilizing different types of natural gemstones! With our expert guidance and your creativity, the possibilities are endless.

- Natural Gemstone Bracelets Made by You -

Feel balanced and enlightened when wearing natural stone jewelry made by you. Use the natural stones' energy to attract love, abundance, and positive energy to your life! One of the most powerful things about wearing natural stone jewelry is the sense of balance and illumination it can bring to your life. With each stone possessing its unique energy, natural stone jewelry can help you tap into the power of the elements and draw that energy into your own life.

- Endless Design Possibilities -

Even if you are new to jewelry making, you still have the opportunity to create beautiful and unique designs. You can experiment and explore different styles, colors, and shapes with various materials to bring your vision to life. The possibilities are endless, whether you prefer a classic or modern look or a simple or intricate design.

- Includes Everything You Need to Start -

Start creating immediately without any additional store trips! This kit has everything you need to start making natural gemstone elastic bracelets, including video tutorials at your fingertip, so you can take this kit with you wherever you go. So why wait? Get your creativity flowing and start making beautiful bracelets today!

- Premium Quality to Last a Lifetime -

This DIY kit offers high-quality materials and beads that will impress you. You'll appreciate the attention to detail and the care that has gone into the selection of each item in the kit. With various colors and textures, you can create unique and beautiful pieces that reflect your style to last a long time. Whether you're looking for a new hobby, want to make thoughtful gifts for your loved ones, or even have a beading party, this DIY kit will inspire you and provide you with hours of creative enjoyment without any stress.

- Have a Beading Party in Minutes -

This starter kit will let you have a beading party set up in minutes. You'll have everything you need to create a fabulous bracelets party, all while spending quality time with your loved ones. In addition to the easy-to-follow video instructions, the kit includes a variety of beads in different colors and shapes, as well as string and other necessary materials. This kit offers endless possibilities, and you'll have a great time exploring them with your friends and family. So why not plan your next get-together around beading and see where your creativity takes you?

- You Are Getting -

- 14 types of designer-quality gemstone beads (approximately 8 inches each, individually labeled, $70 value).
>Example: black onyx, picture jasper, white howlite, brown agate, dalmatian jasper, rutilated quartz, picasso jasper, gray agate, smoky quartz, snowflake obsidian, gray druzy agate, dragon vein agate, riverstone, natural agate
> Example: amethyst, citrine, black rhodonite, sodalite, red jasper, moss agate, prehnite, blue aventurine, green aventurine, lepidolite, rainbow amazonite, tiger eye, carnelian, yellow jade
* We constantly change the gemstones that comes in the kit to keep up with the trends.

- 10 types of designer-quality decorative beads (Including glass and wood beads, changes seasonally, approximately 8 inches each, individually labeled, $30 Value).

- Metal beads and charms bundle(Including metal beads and charms, changes seasonally, individually labeled, $20 Value).

- 1 spool of Ninja Cord (makes approx 100 bracelets, $14.99 value)

- Exclusive video tutorial designed for beginners (lifetime unlimited access, priceless)

--- Love Notes ---

How it works

Treat yourself to a monthly surprise!
• Trendy, themed, and hand-selected beads (and beads only) by our BeadsVenture Team.
• 7-9 full strands each month(3mm-14mm beads with different finishes, material, and textures)!
• At least 70% Gemstone beads with other materials.
• FREE shipping in the US.
• FREE gift with every box.
• Cancel, pause or skip anytime you would like.
• No plastic beads! Each item is individually labeled and packaged in waterproof bags.

Limited offer! Subscribe today and get a free bonus strand ($14+ value, no code needed)

Sit back, relax, and let us curate your first box!
In each box, you’ll find a new variation of:
• Gemstone beads(MOSTLY);
• Wood & nut beads;
• Crystal beads;
• Czech glass beads;
• Seed beads;
• Pearl beads;
• Shell beads;
• NO PLASTIC beads!

It's time to create! Explore a new exciting collection of beads each month. Get ready to:
- receive beads you didn't know you loved yet.
- create new pieces 
- become a professional jewelry designer
- save time and money.

What's in the box

Our goal is to make creating jewelry more fun! That’s why we’re proud that each BeadsVenture Maker's Box has unique hand-picked beads worth over $70.

Hear it from our customers

Your creativity awaits - all you need is your imagination and a handful of tools.

Let us provide the rest - in BeadsVenture Makers Box, get trendy beads to create your handmade jewelry in style! Whether you do projects for yourself or sell online, each box comes pre-loaded with a carefully selected variety of gemstones beads, wood beads, crystal beads, and more. This monthly box will inspire you to start new projects immediately while still providing plenty of scope for exploration into the creative world and beyond.

Dig deeper

Each month’s box contains a unique variety of full strands of beads and exciting gifts.

Gemstone Beads

Wood Beads

Crystal Beads

Different Shaped Beads

Different Sized Beads

And Free Gifts in Each Box

Become the jewelry designer you always wanted to be. Finally, a subscription box you will not regret getting!

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