Author: Melissa  Davis/ Gems and more Inc

I tried a beads subscription box, here is what happened...

It was my regular Pinterest/ TV time after dinner. I love to use this time to find inspirations for my next jewelry project. I must have ended up down a google rabbit hole at some beads; when I came back to Facebook, many beads company's ads started to show up in my feed.

One particular company caught my eyes, since I have not seen any beads subscription box before. I took some time and researched the subscription box, watched one of their unboxing videos on Youtube, read their reviews, and decided to give it a try. I am a messy person but extremely picky with my jewelry designs.

This is an honest and unsponsored review of the BeadsVenture Makers Box. I did purchase the subscription and wanted to share my experience. One of their social media managers reached out after I subscribed to their box, and they have my full permission to use this article.

If you like full strands of different type of beads, this box is for you.

I was thrilled with the selection of my first box. When the mailman first delivered the package, I thought it was somewhat small. But then, when I opened the box, it was pretty packed inside.

I subscribed at the end of the spring. Apparently, the box was a "summer" theme with a load of vibrant colored beads. I received some gemstone beads, colored wood beads, and some rondelle crystal beads. I also appreciated that the list contained all the beads' names since receiving many strands at once can sometimes get confusing.

Most importantly, I used every strand in the box.

As I mentioned, I am quite picky. I am also extremely OCD about my jewelry designs. Since each box comes with only full strands, I could create jewelry without worrying about not having enough beads. I also checked out their website. It seems like the beads they give out are not some leftover or junk beads. Some are even bestsellers (I once purchased beads by pounds from another large online wholesaler, they literally sent me junk - loose beads with dust on them, cheap beads and plastic got the idea).

I also like this is a beads-only subscription. 

Shipping is free, and they offer prepaid plans for up to 35% off.

I still have an ongoing subscription with them, so I am not sure how easy it is to cancel the subscription. But I created an account right after I made my first payment to manage the subscription myself. BeadsVenture has a customer support email that you can reach out to (they have it on their website, but I missed it), which I have done so to ask them about when my second box will be shipped (it's the same day of the month you placed your first order). They responded to me in 24 hours.

One more plus; you can be adventurous without spending a ton of time/ money browsing online/ in craft stores.

Don't get me wrong. I love shopping online and going into big craft stores. But sometimes, when life gets busy, I still want to create something without a ton of planning. This box is essential for me since I do not have a big beads stash. I enjoy the selections of beads and love trying new beads that I never thought I would use. I am happy to get my adventure from a beads subscription box.

The BeadsVenture Makers Box subscription is solid, I would definitely recommend it without hesitation.

If you make jewelry often and love trying new beads without breaking the bank, I highly recommend this subscription box. BeadsVenture Makers Box has great quality beads, an extremely fair value, and the selection is phenomenal. What more can you ask for?

* BeadsVenture side note: we invited Melissa, one of our real subscribers to write this honest review for us. We minorly edited the article for a better reading experience. All rights reserved. 

Life is too short to wear boring jewelry... Get your first box today!