ametrine, 10mm, round, glossy, 1 strand, 16 inches, approx. 40 beads.-Gemstone Beads-BeadsVenture

10mm ametrine beads, round, glossy, 1 strand, 16 inches, approx. 40 beads.

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About the beads:

  • Size: 10mm
  • Shape: round¬†
  • Finish: glossy¬†
  • Color: transparent purple & yellow
  • Hole size: approx. 1mm
  • Treatment: Natural
  • Quality: Artisan¬†¬†
  • Origin: Bolivia¬†
  • Sold as: 1 strand, 16 inches. approx. 38 beads.

These natural ametrine beads will be a hit for anyone looking to make jewelry.
Ametritis are naturally occurring gems that is cool and calming in color, despite being created by the joining of amethyst and citrine crystals. one of the most talked-about gemstones in social media these days, ametrine's natural purpley-orange color is extremely hard to fake. With just one strand long enough for an entire necklace, this is a great option if you want to create something fresh and original right out of the gate.

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