10mm angel aura quartz beads, sold as 1 strand, approx. 40 beads.
10mm angel aura quartz beads, sold as 1 strand, approx. 40 beads.
angel aura quartz, 10mm, round, glossy, clear, sold as 1 strand, approx. 40 beads.-Gemstone Beads-BeadsVenture

10mm angel aura quartz beads, sold as 1 strand, approx. 40 beads.

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About the Beads:

  • Size: 10mm
  • Shape: round
  • Finish: glossy
  • Color: multi
  • Hole size: approx. 1mm
  • Treatment: treated
  • Quality: artisan +++
  • Origin: Worldwide
  • Sold as: 1 strand, 16 inches. Approx. 40 beads.

These angel aura quartz gemstone beads are perfect for anyone who enjoys making their own jewelry. The shiny electroplated process makes the raw aaa crystal radiate with high vibrational goodness that sparkles in any light, which is sure to bring your body to a place of inner peace and tranquility as you craft away your worries.


Natural: no treatment 
Treated: heated, color enhanced, stabilized or reconstructed.
Man-Made: artificial materials were used in the process of making the gemstone.

Mixed Metal 

We only use lead free, nickel free and cadmium free "pewter".

Our current processing time is 0-2 business days. 

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Do you know different gemstones have different meanings?

★ Agate: strength, protection

★ Amazonite: calming 

★ Amethyst: inner strength, spiritual growth 

★ Angelite: connection to angel, inner peace 

★ Aquamarine: peace, courage 

★ Aventurine: luck, success 

★ Bloodstone: detox, reduce anxiety 

★ Bronzite: courtesy, inner certainty 

★ Carnelian: power, energy, compassion 

★ Citrine: happiness, creativity 

★ Clear Quartz: healing, harmony 

★ Fluorite: Portugal wholeness, peace 

★ Garnet: passion, hope

★ Hematite: grounding, protection

★ Jade: love, generosity 

★ Jasper: grounding, connection to earth 

★ Labradorite: intuition, magic

★ Lapis lazuli: truthfulness, inner power 

★ Lepidolite: emotional balance, acceptance 

★ Malachite: transformation, compassion

★ Moonstone: feminine energy, harmony 

★ Onyx: protection, stability 

★ Prehnite: energy, love 

★ Pyrite: abundance

★ Rhodonite: emotional balance, love attraction 

★ Rose Quartz: unconditional love, 

★ Smoky Quartz: grounding, balancing 

★ Snow Quartz: purification, meditation 

★ Sodalite: confidence, intelligence 

★ Sunstone: power, joy

★ Tiger eye: prosperity, integrity 

★ Unakite: stress relief, emotional balance 

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