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BeadsVenture Box
BeadsVenture Box
BeadsVenture Box

BeadsVenture Box

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Let us deliver monthly boxes of hand-picked trendy jewelry supplies for your handmade jewelry - from the BeadsVenture Team to you.

Each box comes with: 

  • Trendy, Themed, and Hand-Selected beads and jewelry supplies by our Team. We follow the trends, so you can focus on making. 
  • FREE gift(s) with every box. 
  • Do not worry, we do no sell plastic beads so you will never receive plastic beads from us.

BeadsVenture Box is a subscription box that delivers monthly to your door with a boxful of jewelry supplies.

Get beads, charms, and jewelry supplies delivered to your doorstep! Each box includes trendy, seasonal, hand-selected jewelry supplies selected by our BeadsVenture Team.

⋆ How much is the shipping?
We offer free shipping on all subscriptions.

⋆ When will my box ship?
Your first box will be shipped right away. Normally 0-4 business days. We ship all the following boxes on the 7th of the month.

⋆ Will I receive the same beads each month?
No. We change each month depending on occasions and seasons.

⋆ What will I receive?
You will be getting trendy, and season-appropriate beads for jewelry making. Some of them are exclusive for subscribers only. Beads only, no charms, or other items.

⋆ Does the same month's boxes contain the same items per box?
Mostly. We keep the same theme every month.

⋆ When will I be charged every month?
We process the payment the day we ship your box. If the payment failed, the payment will automatically retry for 2-3 times in a 2 week window.

⋆ How can I cancel?
If you need to cancel, simply email us at
We do not offer returns for subscriptions at this moment due to high demand. 


Natural: no treatment 
Treated: heated, color enhanced, stabilized or reconstructed.
Man-Made: artificial materials were used in the process of making the gemstone.

Mixed Metal 

We only use lead free, nickel free and cadmium free "pewter".

Our current processing time is 0-2 business days. 

$5 flat rate shipping with all US orders.

Free shipping over $60 with all US orders.

For full details visit our shipping page.


Do you know different gemstones have different meanings?

★ Agate: strength, protection

★ Amazonite: calming 

★ Amethyst: inner strength, spiritual growth 

★ Angelite: connection to angel, inner peace 

★ Aquamarine: peace, courage 

★ Aventurine: luck, success 

★ Bloodstone: detox, reduce anxiety 

★ Bronzite: courtesy, inner certainty 

★ Carnelian: power, energy, compassion 

★ Citrine: happiness, creativity 

★ Clear Quartz: healing, harmony 

★ Fluorite: Portugal wholeness, peace 

★ Garnet: passion, hope

★ Hematite: grounding, protection

★ Jade: love, generosity 

★ Jasper: grounding, connection to earth 

★ Labradorite: intuition, magic

★ Lapis lazuli: truthfulness, inner power 

★ Lepidolite: emotional balance, acceptance 

★ Malachite: transformation, compassion

★ Moonstone: feminine energy, harmony 

★ Onyx: protection, stability 

★ Prehnite: energy, love 

★ Pyrite: abundance

★ Rhodonite: emotional balance, love attraction 

★ Rose Quartz: unconditional love, 

★ Smoky Quartz: grounding, balancing 

★ Snow Quartz: purification, meditation 

★ Sodalite: confidence, intelligence 

★ Sunstone: power, joy

★ Tiger eye: prosperity, integrity 

★ Unakite: stress relief, emotional balance 

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