BeadsVenture Makers Box
BeadsVenture Makers Box
BeadsVenture Makers Box
BeadsVenture Makers Box
BeadsVenture Makers Box
BeadsVenture Makers Box
BeadsVenture Makers Box
BeadsVenture Makers Box
BeadsVenture Makers Box

BeadsVenture Makers Box

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Are you making jewelry? Or, building your beads stash(yea, it's a thing)? But you are not one of the average beaders that want all those bargain beads at discounted stores?

Well, you come to the right place.

BeadsVenture Makers Box is a monthly subscription box that delivers beads to your door. 

Need inspiration on new designs? This box will do.

Making jewelry with friends and family? This box will add more fun!

Looking for something to do for your selfcare time? This box will get you going.

Finally, a subscription box you will not regret getting. Each box comes with: 

  • Trendy, Themed, and Hand-Selected beads by our Team. We follow the trends, so you can focus on making. 
  • 6-8, 14''-16'' full strands each month(4mm-16mm beads with different finishes, material, and textures). You know we are famous for our designer quality gemstones, but you will also get handmade wood beads, sparkling crystals, and more! 
  • FREE gift(s) with every box. 


  • FREE shipping in the US. 
  • Pause/ cancel anytime. Love beads but hate commitment? We get it! A beads subscription that you can cancel anytime. No contract.

⋆ How much is the shipping?
We offer free shipping on all subscriptions.

⋆ When will my box ship?
Your first box will be shipped right away. Normally 0-4 business days. We ship all the following boxes on the 7th of the month.

⋆ Will I receive the same beads each month?
No. We change each month depending on occasions and seasons.

⋆ What will I receive?
You will be getting trendy, and season-appropriate beads for jewelry making. Some of them are exclusive for subscribers only. Beads only, no charms, or other items.

⋆ Does the same month's boxes contain the same items per box?
Mostly. We keep the same theme every month.

⋆ When will I be charged every month?
We process the payment the day we ship your box. If the payment failed, the payment will automatically retry for 2-3 times in a 2 week window.

⋆ How can I cancel?
If you need to cancel, simply email us at
We do not offer returns for subscriptions at this moment due to high demand. 


Natural: no treatment 
Treated: heated, color enhanced, stabilized or reconstructed.
Man-Made: artificial materials were used in the process of making the gemstone.

Mixed Metal 

We only use lead free, nickel free and cadmium free "pewter".

Our current processing time is 0-2 business days. 

$5 flat rate shipping with all US orders.

Free shipping over $60 with all US orders.

For full details visit our shipping page.


Do you know different gemstones have different meanings?

★ Agate: strength, protection

★ Amazonite: calming 

★ Amethyst: inner strength, spiritual growth 

★ Angelite: connection to angel, inner peace 

★ Aquamarine: peace, courage 

★ Aventurine: luck, success 

★ Bloodstone: detox, reduce anxiety 

★ Bronzite: courtesy, inner certainty 

★ Carnelian: power, energy, compassion 

★ Citrine: happiness, creativity 

★ Clear Quartz: healing, harmony 

★ Fluorite: Portugal wholeness, peace 

★ Garnet: passion, hope

★ Hematite: grounding, protection

★ Jade: love, generosity 

★ Jasper: grounding, connection to earth 

★ Labradorite: intuition, magic

★ Lapis lazuli: truthfulness, inner power 

★ Lepidolite: emotional balance, acceptance 

★ Malachite: transformation, compassion

★ Moonstone: feminine energy, harmony 

★ Onyx: protection, stability 

★ Prehnite: energy, love 

★ Pyrite: abundance

★ Rhodonite: emotional balance, love attraction 

★ Rose Quartz: unconditional love, 

★ Smoky Quartz: grounding, balancing 

★ Snow Quartz: purification, meditation 

★ Sodalite: confidence, intelligence 

★ Sunstone: power, joy

★ Tiger eye: prosperity, integrity 

★ Unakite: stress relief, emotional balance 

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