black rutilated quartz, 10mm, round, faceted, 1 strand, 16 inches, approx. 40 beads.-Gemstone Beads-BeadsVenture

10mm black rutilated quartz beads, faceted, 1 strand, 16 inches, approx. 40 beads.

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About the Beads:

  • Size: 10mm
  • Shape:¬†faceted¬†
  • Finish:¬†glossy
  • Color: black
  • Hole size: approx. 1mm
  • Treatment:¬†natural
  • Quality: Artisan
  • Origin: Australia, Brazil, Kazakhstan, Madagascar and the United States.
  • Sold as: 1 strand, 16 inches. Approx.¬†38¬†beads.

The amazing black rutilated quartz gemstone beads will work with your outfits and add elegance. These faceted stones can be used in jewelry, diy, crafts - anything you want to do with them! Use these beautifully natural-looking beads in bracelets and necklaces or just string a few together as part of a necklace.


    Natural: no treatment 
    Treated: heated, color enhanced, stabilized or reconstructed.
    Man-Made: artificial materials were used in the process of making the gemstone.

    Mixed Metal 

    We only use lead free, nickel free and cadmium free "pewter".

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    Do you know different gemstones have different meanings?

    ‚ėÖ Agate: strength, protection

    ‚ėÖ Amazonite: calming¬†

    ‚ėÖ Amethyst: inner strength, spiritual growth¬†

    ‚ėÖ Angelite: connection to angel, inner peace¬†

    ‚ėÖ Aquamarine: peace, courage¬†

    ‚ėÖ Aventurine: luck, success¬†

    ‚ėÖ Bloodstone: detox, reduce anxiety¬†

    ‚ėÖ Bronzite: courtesy, inner certainty¬†

    ‚ėÖ Carnelian: power, energy, compassion¬†

    ‚ėÖ Citrine: happiness, creativity¬†

    ‚ėÖ Clear Quartz: healing, harmony¬†

    ‚ėÖ Fluorite: Portugal wholeness, peace¬†

    ‚ėÖ Garnet: passion, hope

    ‚ėÖ Hematite: grounding, protection

    ‚ėÖ Jade: love, generosity¬†

    ‚ėÖ Jasper: grounding, connection to earth¬†

    ‚ėÖ Labradorite: intuition, magic

    ‚ėÖ Lapis lazuli: truthfulness, inner power¬†

    ‚ėÖ Lepidolite: emotional balance, acceptance¬†

    ‚ėÖ Malachite: transformation, compassion

    ‚ėÖ Moonstone: feminine energy, harmony¬†

    ‚ėÖ Onyx: protection,¬†stability¬†

    ‚ėÖ Prehnite: energy, love¬†

    ‚ėÖ Pyrite: abundance

    ‚ėÖ Rhodonite: emotional balance, love attraction¬†

    ‚ėÖ Rose Quartz: unconditional love,¬†

    ‚ėÖ Smoky Quartz: grounding, balancing¬†

    ‚ėÖ Snow Quartz: purification, meditation¬†

    ‚ėÖ Sodalite: confidence, intelligence¬†

    ‚ėÖ Sunstone: power, joy

    ‚ėÖ Tiger eye: prosperity, integrity¬†

    ‚ėÖ Unakite: stress relief, emotional balance¬†

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