A beginner's guide on how to start making jewelry


Jewelry is a popular craft that has been practiced for centuries. The materials used to make jewelry can range from natural gemstones, metal, and more. People can create many different types of jewelry, such as bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, and more. Jewelry making is a perfect hobby because it lets you explore your imagination and creativity while crafting something beautiful at the same time. There are also many ways to create jewelry. For example, some techniques include stringing, wire wrapping, and silversmithing. If you are a 100% newbie, this article is for you! Below are BeadsVenture's must-read tips for you. Relax, we gotcha!

guide on making jewelry for beginners

#1. Decide on what you want to create first

This sounds obvious, but it is essential. We recommend starting with one type of project. For example, bead stringing is easy to learn and fun to do, and bead stringing is a beginner-friendly project. As you progress, you can work on more complicated and advanced tasks that require more supplies and skills.

jewelry making inspirations

#2. Find inspirations

Get on social media if you do not know where to start to find your inspirations! Pinterest, Tiktok, Instagram…You can search for things that intrigue you and then research how they were done. We believe everyone has a certain way they like to show their style, so find what works best for you! If you want to explore some different ways, one of the ways is via BeadsVenture Maker's Box. It is a monthly mystery box that offers mystery beads.

beadsventure maker's box

#3. Learn the basic techniques

Each type of jewelry project has basic techniques. For stringing projects, you also need to learn how to tie the knots with elastics or crimp beads if you use clasps. Elastic bracelets are the easiest and fastest to make if you want to start simple. Even though making bracelets with elastic is easy, the elastic cord needs to be tied tight enough so that it doesn't slip from the bracelet and cause you to lose beads.

beginner jewelry projects

#4. Prepare the supplies you need for your desired project

Make sure you gather all the materials you need for your project. Using beaded bracelets as an example, you would need beading supplies such as elastic cord and gemstone beads. Ensure that you have enough time to complete the project if you have a due date. For example, if you will give a beaded bracelet as a gift for your friend's birthday, make sure you start working on it early so that it can be finished in time.

jewelry supplies

#5. Stock up

You need to build your bead stash when you get started - trust us, it is a thing. Jewelry making is addicting, and you need enough supplies for every single project. Use quality beads. Low-quality beads will break constantly. This should be obvious, but cheap and plasticky beads can ruin a project. If you have a limited budget, choose high-quality beads - quality over quantity.

stock up your beads

#6. Tools Your tools need to be of high quality

Good quality tools can make a massive difference for your jewelry-making projects. The essential tools include jewelry pliers, beading boards, and more. Do beginners need good jewelry tools? Yes! High-quality tools are easier to use and make your design easy to craft.

jewelry making tools

#7. Stay organized

Your beads need a home. Make sure your workplace is organized. It is important to have a well-organized workspace as it can produce more creativity, and help avoid unnecessary stress. If your current workspace is too cluttered and driving you crazy, try a temporary solution such as using a table under the desk instead of a chair or going on a diet.

craft room

#8. You can sell your jewelry

Can beginners sell handmade jewelry? Yes and no. If you have made finished pieces, and your friends and family think they look nice, you might want to try to sell them, too. You might still be a "beginner", which means you just started in a few months, but it doesn't mean you do not have the talent and skill to compete with those who have years of experience in this industry. The bottom line is if you can create beautiful finished pieces.

sell jewelry at craft store

#9. Try until you get it

Jewelry making is not an easy task all the time. But you shouldn't get discouraged. It takes time and effort to create a stunning piece of jewelry sometimes. But if you are willing to put in the work, you will achieve your goals. 

beginners guide for jewelry maker



This post covers the basics of getting into jewelry making. However, we hope it has given you some insight into getting started with your own projects! Have you already started? What is your favorite type of jewelry project? Common below!

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