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How Bead Sizes Work

You have just crafted what you feel is your most perfect bracelet to date. You can’t get past how beautifully the peacock blue pearls stand out against your skin with their sophisticated shine. And you can’t wait to wear it...

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Understanding Bead Sizes and Bead Size Holes

Are you just getting started with beading, and need some help understanding bead and hole sizing? There are so many shapes and sizes of beads, all which can be used for different beading ideas, designs and projects! In this article,...

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How to Create your own Elastic Bracelets!

Hello BeadsVenturers! Are you new to making jewelry? Do you feel overwhelmed on where to begin?! Making jewelry can be as complicated, or as simple as you make it! Starting off learning the basics will save you a lot of...

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5 Jewelry Making Tips for Beginners!

5 Jewelry Making Tips for Beginners! New to making jewelry?! Welcome to the club! Luckily, starting to make jewelry couldn't be easier with endless information at our fingertips! The trouble can be overwhelming when you're just getting started! In today's article,...

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Beading Basics: Introduction to Jewelry Making!

Are you looking to get started in making jewelry, but don't know where to begin?! Don't worry - This article will help you understand the basics of jewelry making from supplies and how to make your first bracelet! To begin creating...

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