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large azurite mineral gemstone photo

Azurite Beads 101

Azurite beads remain highly popular due to their beautiful, rich blue color โ€“ a hue that has captured many jewelry loversโ€™ hearts and eyes for generations. For this reason, jewelry designers are eager to include azurite in their jewelry supply...

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photo of sodalite mineral beads for jewelry

Sodalite Beads 101

As you embrace a new year, youโ€™re looking for a fresh jewelry design to incorporate into your favorite winter look. Something eye-catching yet soothing and calming would tickle your fancy, yet you still havenโ€™t found a jewelry component with that...

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photo of quartz gemstone for jewelry making

Quartz Beads 101

No matter what the season is, you care about the style youโ€™re sporting when you step out of the house. For this reason, you pay consistent attention to your hairdo, your clothing, and your shoes. However, you know that no...

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orange beads on a string

Introduction to Beading: How to String Beads

Bead stringing remains among the most universal and popular techniques for making jewelryโ€”and for good reason. Thereโ€™s just something about seeing a collection of beads that makes you long to string them together and showcase your creative side. However, you...

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agate beads for sale for jewelry making

Agate Beads 101

Agate beads have long been valued for their wide range of soft, bright, and dark hues, which can complement just about any outfit for any occasion. Agate continues to stand out among collectors and jewelry designers for its vibrantly colorful...

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citrine jewels in a bunch

Natural Citrine Beads 101

Youโ€™re on the search for beautiful beads to complement your favorite outfits. Or, maybe youโ€™re looking for alluring beads that all of your jewelry-loving customers will readily fall in love with. If youโ€™re like many trend-loving bead enthusiasts, your search...

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beautiful blue-green amazonite stone rocks

Amazonite Beads 101

You canโ€™t wait to unveil your new outfit for your next date night, but somethingโ€™s missing. It doesnโ€™t take long for you to realize that the missing piece is a stunning piece of jewelry to add pizzazz to your ensemble....

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