Introduction to Beading: How to String Beads

Bead stringing remains among the most universal and popular techniques for making jewelry—and for good reason. There’s just something about seeing a collection of beads that makes you long to string them together and showcase your creative side. However, you won’t get the results you want as a jewelry maker if you don’t know how to string beads properly. Fortunately, here’s a guide on stringing beads for beginners, which will make it easier for you to get started.

First Steps: Choose Your Bead Cord

To help you to make excellent beginning jewelry pieces, we’ll show you exactly how to string beads on silk as part of this guide on stringing beads for beginners.

For starters, look for Griffin bead cord, as this is one of the best brands of bead cords. These cords are created completely from natural silk. In addition, they are sold as two meters of cord per card.

Griffin cords are available in a wide variety of hues and various thread sizes. On top of this, each bead cord has its very own needle, which is designed to make threading easy.

The thickness of your thread is important to consider, particularly if you intend to incorporate knots into any of your designs. That’s because beads will simply slide over your knots if your cord isn’t thick enough. For this reason, when you’re learning how to string beads with Griffin cords, note that a thinner cord is around 0.70mm, whereas a much thicker cord is around 1.02mm.

Lay Out Your Beads

Next, you’ll want to layout your chosen beads in a design that is eye-catching. Note that you can make all of the beads in a specific jewelry piece the same size, or you can choose different sizes.

As an example, you could choose beads that are 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, or 12mm. The sizes of your beads will all depend on your vision for the jewelry piece. Now, let’s move on to how to string beads of these various sizes.

Smooth Out the Cord

Because silk cords are spooled on cards when you get them, you’ll need to briefly smooth out any kinks in your cord to prepare it for use in jewelry making. Simply unravel the entire cord, then wet your fingers with water and rub your fingers through the cord in sections. Start at one end, and finish at the other.

After you’ve straightened out the entire piece, use a paper towel to squeeze out any extra water from your cord. You can then use your damp cord to start learning how to string beads for jewelry making. Alternatively, you can wait a handful of minutes until the cord is dry.

green necklace for a woman

Start Knotting and Stringing

The next step in this guide on stringing beads for beginners is to create a firm knot at your prepared cord’s end. Be sure to cut away any extra cord near the knot.

The next step in learning how to string beads for your jewelry creation is to start with three beads. String these onto your cord’s other end one by one. Then, add the remainder of your beads in your planned order. After you string your beads, double-check to make sure that the design you have created is what you truly want. If not, simply make the necessary adjustments.

Bead Stringing Design Ideas

An excellent idea for creating a jewelry piece as you learn how to string beads is to create a necklace that features knots in between bead clusters. These beads can include mesmerizing gemstones, seed beads, glass beads, or crystal beads.

For example, consider creating a necklace using the whole 2m Griffin silk cord. Then, string on the following clusters: a single seed bead, followed by three round crystals, then a single seed bead again, and so on. You can create a gap of one inch between these clusters.

As you master how to string beads using this process, you can quickly create a 60-inch necklace, which the wearer can easily wrap around herself a couple of times or even three times.

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