5 beginner tips for jewelry maker

This post is all about tips for beginner jewelry makers, you will find some great advice no matter if you just starting out or planning on to.

New to making jewelry?! Welcome to the club! Luckily, starting to make jewelry couldn't be easier with endless information at our fingertips! The trouble is...it can be overwhelming when you're just getting started! Here we are sharing out top jewelry-making tips for beginners and how you can start making jewelry pieces today!

Invest in High-Quality Tools and Materials

When you start a new hobby, it may be tempting to buy the cheapest materials available. That's fine when you're just starting out, however, you'll progress quicker than you might think and may be left with materials that will not make your jewelry creations last! Refer to this article for the supplies needed to start making jewelry pieces, and these tools will pay for themselves repeatedly! 

Take a Class or Join Jewelry Making Groups 

Creating your own jewelry projects can be a daunting task, but when you join other beginners in starting a new craft - you make new friends while working on a constructive hobby! Check out your local craft store, community center, or meet-ups in your area on how you can join a supportive and welcoming community of like-minded individuals! If there's something specific you want to learn, search on YouTube or take an online class to walk you through the process!

Take a Class or Join Jewelry Making Groups

Master the Basic Techniques

There are some skills and techniques that will take time to master, but progressively adding to your skillset is something that comes with time and practice - it can be easy to get overwhelmed in the jewelry-making community when you're not familiar with all of the beading skills and lingo! Most projects will require basic knowledge, such as opening and closing a jump ring and forming a wire loop to add clasps to jewelry projects. 

Master the Basic Techniques

Look for Trends On Social Media

Pinterest - This social media platform allows users to create and share visual inspiration ideas for jewelry projects and crafts! 

YouTube - this video-hosting and sharing platform allows users to share content with the world, where you can learn instantly about any topic! 

Etsy - This is one of the best sites to begin selling one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces! 

 Look for Trends On Social Media

Finding Inspirations Everywhere

Making jewelry is a creative process. You will need constant inspiration for your next project. The good news is, you do not need to worry about that once you subscribe to our Maker's Box. BeadsVenture Maker's Box is a monthly beads subscription box. Each month, you will receive gemstone beads, wood beads, crystal beads from all over the world. 

 Finding Inspirations Everywhere for your next jewelry making project

Beginner Tips for Jewelry Maker

Jewelry making is a great hobby for people of all ages. Jewelry makers can make and sell their own creations or they can use their skills to make jewelry for others. What kind of jewelry are you planning on making next?



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