Azurite Beads 101

Azurite beads remain highly popular due to their beautiful, rich blue color – a hue that has captured many jewelry lovers’ hearts and eyes for generations. For this reason, jewelry designers are eager to include azurite in their jewelry supply collections time and time again.

Let’s take a look at why azurite beads are so unique and how they can enhance your future jewelry creations.

History of Azurite

Azurite has wowed crowds for centuries—for instance, during the medieval era, the Renaissance period, and the Enlightenment period. During the Renaissance, in particular, some master painters considered it to be a significant pigment for their works due to its alluring oceanic hue. For instance, Raphael used azurite in his painting Madonna and Child Enthroned with Saints.


Azurite, with its powerful visual properties, didn’t make an impression just in Europe. This gorgeous stone has also been spotted in many Ming Dynasty and Sung Dynasty wall paintings throughout Central China. In China, this gemstone was called the Stone of Heaven because of its serene and transformative hue. In addition, the Chinese believed they could use this gemstone to enter between worlds.

Centuries ago, the Japanese also fell in love with this eye-catching gemstone, turning it into a pigment that they could incorporate into their highly valued silk fabrics.


Asia wasn’t the only part of the world to enjoy the beauty of azurite years ago. This stone’s roots are actually in ancient Egypt, where people used it in their paintings. Specifically, azurite was used to create the look of cobalt blue skies studded with stars. However, azurite was also believed to offer psychic protection and to increase people’s ability to connect to the spirit realm. In addition, this stone was said to offer fortune, which made it a highly revered stone.

Physical Properties of Azurite

The property of azurite that you’ll likely notice first is its distinctively deep blue hue. However, this stone is also quite soft, with its Mohs hardness rating being just 3.5-4. The stone also contains copper, and this element gives the stone its blue hue and high gravity—another property that makes it unique when compared with other non-metallic minerals.

Metaphysical Properties of Azurite

The azurite gemstone reportedly offers healing energy that strengthens and cleanses your emotional body. As a result, azurite beads are often said to be excellent for enhancing your creativity, releasing worry and stress, and overcoming sadness and grief.

What does this mean for you? According to experts, it means that if you wear azurite, you may receive healing light in your consciousness. For instance, your fears and phobias may be revealed to you, and you may receive wisdom regarding why they cropped up from the start.

Azurite beads are also said to help with oxygenating and circulating blood, as well as restoring any damage or blockage in your brain as a result of aging.

Tips for Taking Advantage of Azurite’s Metaphysical Properties

If you’d like to channel azurite’s healing properties, you can place your azurite beads in your studio or office to enjoy the continual flow of this gemstone’s powerful energy.

Simply sit with your beads quietly for about 20 minutes and take in the gemstone’s inspiring energy. As you stare at the stone, take note of any feelings or thoughts that crop up, and jot these down in a notebook. Then, allow these feelings and thoughts to fade away, all while you breathe rhythmically, exhaling negative thinking and inhaling positivity. This should enable you to experience natural joy.

blue azurite mineral rock picture

What Azurite Complements

Because azurite beads feature unique blends of green and blue, you can rest assured that these beads will add aesthetic appeal and variability to your jewelry projects.

For instance, you can use these beads to create either modern or vintage pieces, as they can easily complement any styles you’ve got in mind. Azurite beads are known for being remarkable focal pendant pieces or as striking necklace or bracelet components that work well with other gemstones due to their eye-catching hue. So, without a doubt, the wearer is sure to attract attention when donning them.

How to Care for Azurite

As a general rule of thumb, you should store azurite beads away from hot temperatures and in darkness. Specifically, try to store them in areas that are dry and where there is limited circulation, such as a drawer or a jewelry box that you keep closed. This is critical because the blue sapphire hue of the azurite gemstone tends to lighten or become green if it is exposed to excessive moisture or ultraviolet rays.

Also, note that azurite beads don’t require intense cleaning. Simply dampen a soft cloth with soapy water that is cool to the touch. Excessive cleaning or the use of abrasive cleaners will only damage your beads. Likewise, steam cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning may cause damage.

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