Tools and Materials You Need to Make Jewelry at Home

Creating your own jewelry pieces can be exciting, but if you don’t have the right materials available, it can also be a frustrating process. You can envision your dream bracelet or necklace, but not being able to bring that vision to fruition can leave you feeling disappointed.

Stocking up on the right materials and tools will make jewelry making more of a breeze than you may have ever thought was possible. Here’s a rundown on the top tools to make jewelry this season.


Just as an electrician needs pliers, you need pliers to thrive as a jewelry maker. Specifically, you’ll want flat-nose pliers, as they will help you with opening jump rings as well as finishing ends that are wire wrapped. These are just a couple of the tasks they’ll come in handy for when you’re putting together your own jewelry pieces.

In fact, you might want to have two pairs of these pliers on hand. These tools to make jewelry will enable you to grasp an item without leaving an unwanted crimp in the piece of metal you’re working with. Ideally, you should choose pliers with smooth surfaces between their jaws.

A Ruler

In addition to having pliers, you could also benefit from having a ruler at the ready when you’re developing your own beaded jewelry pieces. Graphing rulers are especially great to use because you can see through them, and this can help you to visualize what you’re working on better.

Jump Rings

You absolutely need a stash of jump rings at your home or business if you’re a jewelry making hobbyist or business owner. That’s because jewelry making tools play a critical role in linking jewelry components, such as pendants and charms. As an example, they may be used to connect necklaces/bracelets and clasps. Charms can also be attached to earrings and bracelets with jump rings. These rings come in a multitude of sizes (3mm to 9mm) and colors (gold, antique silver, and bronze) for various style applications.

Toggle Clasps

Toggle clasps are other must-have tools to make jewelry because they secure bracelets and can also add a touch of style to any necklace. You’ll especially want to use them for heavy jewelry due to the added security they provide.

These clasps consist of metal bars that go through loops (typically circular ones) and thus keep necklaces or bracelets closed. When you create these jewelry pieces, you’ll want to make the last several beads small ones, as otherwise, the clasp won’t work.

Wire Chains

Rosary chains are also important tools to make jewelry that you should add to your collection. You can find multiple versions of these chains, ranging from sterling silver to gold-plated sterling silver. What’s great about these chains is that they can add a sparkle to any layered necklace, bracelet, or even anklet you’re trying to create. A pendant or some gemstone beads can be added to the chain to create the look you desire.

Nylon and Silk

Any avid jewelry maker will also have nylon and silk available to up their ability to design impressive pieces. Silks are ideal for stringing gemstones and pearls. They are particularly popular tools to make jewelry because they make excellent knots between your gemstone beads, including mala beads.

Bead Caps

These materials are excellent for giving your jewelry design that professional touch—something you won’t get from other jewelry components. You can place these caps on the ends of round beads that are large, or you can use them to break up a piece’s color palette. These tools to make jewelry can additionally be useful for bringing tassels together. Caps can easily enhance the look of your custom jewelry pieces whether you’re going for a more complicated design or a simple one.

beads for a bracelet or necklace

Earring Components

These jewelry making tools are helpful for assembling a wide variety of earrings to suit a number of styles. For instance, you can find earring hoops that look like teardrops or that have open backs. You can also take advantage of leverback earrings and fishhook ear wire.

Be sure that the earring components you purchase are free of cadmium, lead, and nickel. Also, you should look for ones that have passed SGS laboratory testing and also meet the quality standards established by the European Union. You can rest assured that these components will be long-lasting.

Elastic Cord

This type of cord is helpful for making stretch bracelets. A clear, durable cord that is about 0.8mm thick will easily hold beads of sizes ranging from 6mm to 8mm. Whether you create jewelry as a hobby or you’re trying to create pieces as part of your business, a top-quality cord will enable you to create pieces that are of high quality and will last long term. In addition, the cord is simple to use whether you’re an expert jewelry maker or a beginning one.

Multiple containers of beads

Start Making Your Own Jewelry Creations Today!

If you’re interested in producing your own necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, we at BeadsVenture have you covered. We offer a wide variety of tools to make jewelry, ranging from elastic cord to bead caps, so that you can assemble your favorite jewelry components easily and effectively.

Our tools and materials are high in quality, as we take pride in helping you to develop jewelry that you and/or your clients can be proud of every time it’s worn.

If you have questions about our supplies, we’ll gladly answer them and walk you through the purchase process so that you claim the right ones. After all, we take pride in being very responsive and offering top-tier customer service.

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