Quartz Beads 101

No matter what the season is, you care about the style you’re sporting when you step out of the house. For this reason, you pay consistent attention to your hairdo, your clothing, and your shoes. However, you know that no ensemble is complete without the cherry on top—or, your favorite cherry quartz beaded jewelry. Of course, you have no problem with switching to strawberry quartz beads or other quartz bead options as your mood allows.

Quartz bead jewelry components remain some of the most popular and versatile bead options available on the market today. For this reason, it’s critical that your jewelry making collection contains these staple colored stones.

Let’s take a peek at what quartz crystal beads have to offer their wearers and why quartz beads are so popular among jewelry creators today.

History of Quartz

Quartz is among the earth’s essential minerals, making up an extremely popular gemstone group in the colored-stone realm. In fact, quartz ranks second when it comes to the most abundant minerals in the continental crust of the earth, with only feldspars outnumbering quartz stones.

It was believed years ago that the quartz stone was everlasting ice that the gods in heaven had sent to the earth. In fact, many scholars up to the latter part of the 1500s believed that quartz was ice that had fossilized. In fact, it is believed that “crystal” in “quartz crystal” came from “krystallos,” the meaning of which is “ice” in Greek.

Of course, in reality, quartz is a mineral composed of oxygen and silicon. This mineral, which also goes by the names of “clear quartz,” “universal quartz,” and “rock crystal,” can have various colors, bubbles, inclusions, and veils, or it can be a clear, icy color.

More on Quartz’ Historical Roots

In the ancient Greek, Egyptian, and Roman civilizations, people utilized quartz as powerful talismans, as they believed that quartz had magical powers. Meanwhile, in ancient Japan, people believed that quartz developed from a white dragon’s breath. For this reason, the mineral was deemed a representation of perfection.

Throughout history, including in the Middle Ages, the mineral has been used in crystal balls for predicting the future. It has also been used in crystal spheres and skulls, as well as rain rituals.

rose quartz stone necklace picture

Physical Properties of Quartz

According to experts, the term “quartz” came from “quarz” in German, which is believed to stem from Polish and Slavic words that mean “hard.” This is a perfect description of the mineral, as it ranks a 7 on the well-known Mohs hardness scale. In other words, it is quite hard and durable compared with other gemstones.

Quartz has also stood out for centuries for being beautiful. Many people in history have carved and cut this versatile mineral into a variety of sizes and shapes to create jewelry and ornamental objects. Although quartz beads can come in a rainbow of colors, a clear hue remains the most prevalent color for quartz, followed by cloudy and white. Purple, pink, and black are other typical color varieties.

As a general rule of thumb, quartz looks best in the daylight, especially before sunset or after sunrise, as it allows light to easily pass through it. In addition, quartz beads have a glass-like luster.

Metaphysical Properties of Quartz

Quartz is widely viewed as a powerful healing stone, as it amplifies healing energy. In fact, quartz is said to be among the most potent healing stone in the kingdom of minerals, so you can expect quartz crystal beads to be effective in treating virtually any medical condition. For instance, quartz crystals are reportedly most helpful for addressing intestinal issues, fibromyalgia, diabetes, depression, bone injuries, arthritis, and chronic fatigue. In addition, these beads may improve your physical and mental energy, physical strength, and stamina.

Some experts have actually called quartz a “universal crystal,” as it can be used for a variety of other purposes as well, including for channeling, offering protection, and meditating.

Because of quartz’s balancing ability, quartz beads are said to be great for stabilizing and harmonizing your environment. In addition, they are apparently helpful for maintaining romantic relationships.

If you’re into spirituality, the fact that quartz crystal beads allegedly enhance spiritual growth is yet another reason why you may want to create and don quartz beaded jewelry. It is furthermore said that quartz boosts wisdom, clarity, and creativity, as it clarifies your emotions and thought processes. Finally, quartz is considered to be helpful for concentrating, studying, and remembering what you’re learning.

What Quartz Complements

Quartz is widely recognized as the perfect jewelry gemstone, partly because this gemstone is relatively affordable. However, quartz’s large variety of colors combined with its durability also makes it a top choice among jewelry creators.

What makes quartz beads especially enticing is that they pair well with many other types of gemstones. You can easily string many of these lovely beads into one dramatic strand. Alternatively, you can twist the beads in several strands and allow them to attractively tumble together. You could even pair these beads with Swarovski crystals if you want to make a shiny statement. In addition, you could create an ultra-dramatic look by mixing quartz with gold jewelry components or even black gemstones.

How to Care for Quartz

To keep quartz beads clean, just use warm soapy water along with a delicate brush. Do not use a household chemical, as even though quartz is a hard stone, you could still damage or scratch quartz with abrasive materials.

Also, try to store your quartz jewelry in a jewelry box that has been lined with fabric, and wrap your jewelry in a cloth that is soft.

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The great thing about quartz beads is that they are available in seemingly countless varieties to suit just about any style.

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