Sodalite Beads 101

As you embrace a new year, you’re looking for a fresh jewelry design to incorporate into your favorite winter look. Something eye-catching yet soothing and calming would tickle your fancy, yet you still haven’t found a jewelry component with that “it” factor you’re looking for.

Chances are that you haven’t come across sodalite beads yet.

Sodalite is an extremely popular gemstone due to its deep blue color, which naturally evokes feelings of security, tranquility, serenity, and beauty. As a result, it may come as no surprise that jewelry makers have long pursued this gemstone when seeking the most beautiful minerals to include in their novel designs.

Here’s a glimpse at what sodalite beads’ meaning is and why these beads stand out for all the right reasons in any jewelry piece.

History of Sodalite

A deposit of sodalite was found in Greenland back in 1806. Then, in 1891, sodalite ornaments began to spring up when bigger deposits of this gemstone were discovered in Canada—namely in Ontario. That’s when sodalite grew in popularity.

Over the years, sodalite has been discovered in numerous parts of the world, including Bahia, Brazil; Montana in the United States; India; Namibia; and Russia (specifically in the Urals).

Physical Properties of Sodalite

Sodalite is named after the element “sodium,” which is present in the mineral. Although sodalite is generally deep blue in color, sodalite can also be pink, orange, yellow, or even gray. Still, when it comes to gemstone jewelry, sodalite beads are typically blue with white patches or veins going across them; these veins are made of calcite. It is this stone’s blue hue that has also earned it the name of “blue stone.”

You can easily identify sodalite by its ocean-blue hue combined with its robust orange fluorescence. Note that this mineral sometimes exhibits a hint of violet and can also exist in transparent form, though this is rare. Also, sodalite usually features a glass-like luster as well as a greasy shine on fractures.

Metaphysical Properties of Sodalite

When it comes to sodalite beads’ meaning, sodalite beads are said to help with all communication issues. Specifically, the stone reportedly brings truth—for instance, authenticity and emotional honesty—into relationships and/or groups. As a result, these beads may help to put an end to arguments as well as heal communication-related issues. In the end, it can supposedly increase your intelligence, heighten your learning ability, encourage rational thinking, and promote verbal expressions of how you feel.

However, in addition to allegedly helping to improve your relationships, sodalite beads apparently possess an energy that promotes harmony. Therefore, when you wear these beads, you may find yourself experiencing inner peace. Wearing these beads or keeping them in your home’s busiest rooms may help with maintaining a peaceful energy flow in your space.

Additional Metaphysical Properties of Sodalite

Sodalite beads are also popular among artists, as they are said to promote creativity and inspiration. For this reason, they are in demand among writers, sculptors, musicians, singers, and painters. In fact, these beads are viewed as good-luck charms for anybody who works with written or verbal expression.

Another potential benefit of wearing sodalite beads, based on sodalite beads’ meaning, is that they reportedly protect their wearer from any negative energy. As a result, they may help you to see other people’s positive sides. In addition, sodalite may help to improve motivation and endurance in athletes. From a health standpoint, sodalite is further said to benefit the glands as well as help with weight loss, the sinuses, insomnia, and calcium deficiency.

sodalite beads

What Sodalite Complements

As a general rule of thumb, sodalite beads are quite versatile, so you can use them in a wide range of jewelry designs. For instance, you can wear them in bracelets, earrings, and beaded necklaces. This gemstone can also be used to make attractive cabochon rings, earrings, and pendants.

What’s great about sodalite is that it looks good on its own or when it’s paired with a white gemstone, like topaz, quartz, or pearls. In addition, this mineral looks great with copper, silver, or gold.

How to Care for Sodalite

Sodalite is deemed to be a fairly tough gemstone. However, it is also quite soft, as it ranks between 5.5 and 6 on the Mohs scale. In fact, it is softer than a number of gemstones. For this reason, it should be handled with care. Still, if you are careful with sodalite jewelry, this jewelry can easily last for several generations.

Note that this gemstone can be sensitive to high temperatures, harsh household cleaners/chemicals, and strong pressure. For this reason, you should avoid exposing this mineral to sulfuric acid or bleach.

When it comes to cleaning sodalite, simply use warm soapy water. Also, use a cloth that is relatively soft, and make sure that you rinse your beads well to eliminate soapy residue.

Finally, try to remove your sodalite jewelry before you exercise, play sports, or engage in household chores that are rather vigorous. Furthermore, avoid storing sodalite jewelry with other gems so as to prevent fractures and scratches. If possible, wrap your jewelry in a cloth that is soft, and place it in a jewelry box that is lined with fabric for additional protection.

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