Natural Citrine Beads 101

You’re on the search for beautiful beads to complement your favorite outfits. Or, maybe you’re looking for alluring beads that all of your jewelry-loving customers will readily fall in love with. If you’re like many trend-loving bead enthusiasts, your search will stop with citrine beads.

Natural citrine beads have long stood out for their attractive pale yellow color. Although it is the birthstone for the month of November, people born in any month are proud to don it. In fact, it remains the most popular transparent gem that is in the color range of orange to yellow.

Here’s a rundown on everything you need to know about citrine gemstone beads.

History of Citrine Beads

The name “citrine” comes from a Latin word called citrina due to its dark citrus color. Years ago, this then-rare stone was widely known as the sunstone. In fact, people believed that the gemstone possessed the power to hold the sun. This gemstone was also praised for reportedly protecting people from snakebites.

Over time, it was believed that citrine could improve communication as well. In addition, the Romans used this stone for creating attractive jewelry as well as carving intaglios. The stone remained in high demand for jewelry making in the 1800s and was also used in a multitude of prized pieces in the Art Deco area from World War I to World War II.

two rough orange citrine gemstones

Physical Properties of Citrine

Citrine is present in both metamorphic rocks and igneous rocks, or rocks generated under intense-heat conditions. These rocks include gneiss and granite. However, you can also find citrine in any classic sediment.

Natural citrine beads are often associated with the purple stone known as amethyst. However, citrine is rarer than its purple counterpart. Because citrine is great at resisting weathering, you can find it in gravel and alluvial sands. The biggest natural citrine supplier is located in the southern part of Brazil, though citrine mines are also located in California, Colorado, and North Carolina in the United States. This gemstone is additionally present in other parts of the world, ranging from Madagascar to France, Africa, and Spain.

Metaphysical Properties of Citrine

Many jewelry aficionados love natural citrine beads today partly because citrine is widely known as the money stone, success stone, or merchant’s stone. In other words, it is thought to bring wealth and prosperity, along with valuable mentors and friends. In addition, citrine gemstone beads can evoke feelings of joy with their yellow color and the sunshiny energy that comes with it.

Physical Benefits

Natural citrine beads are associated with the chakra of the solar plexus. For this reason, people believe that these beads can help to relieve backaches, combat depression, and ward off issues with the bladder, digestive system, spleen, and liver. Citrine has also thought to help cleanse your blood, enhance your endocrine system’s functionality, and improve electrical impulses’ passage in your nervous system.

Spiritual Benefits

On a spiritual level, natural citrine beads are said to carry several virtues, including self-improvement, self-healing, and inspiration. It is said that when you wear citrine gemstone beads, you may feel calmer inside, thus allowing wisdom to emerge.

Social Benefits

Citrine is said to help its wearer to overcome a fear of assuming responsibility. In addition, it reportedly stops destructive tendencies and anger. Other alleged benefits of donning citrine are that this stone sparks a high level of creativity, is energizing, and imparts an openness to brand-new experiences.

Additionally, citrine may make it easier for you to accept constructive criticism. That’s because it could help with steadying your emotions so that they remain under control and balanced no matter what you face. Citrine could also help you to embrace spontaneity without simultaneously trampling on others. It is an excellent stone to wear if you’re serious about smoothing family or group discord.

In addition, this stone is thought to support generosity and positive feelings/attitudes. All in all, wearing this stone may very well attract every good thing in life to you.

What Citrine Complements

Natural citrine beads’ warm yellow is a perfect companion for gold. If you’re looking to create a jewelry piece with a low-key yet beautiful design, you can easily achieve this by combining your citrine gemstone beads with other stones that are in the green or yellow family. These stones include peridot and green agate, for example.

Also, if you’re going for a divine, regal look, combine citrine with garnet, which offers a rich red contrast. You can additionally create a truly elegant pastel jewelry piece by mixing natural citrine beads with blue or violet gemstones, like lavender amethyst or aquamarine beads.

How to Care for Citrine

Citrine can virtually last forever as long as it is cared for properly. For starters, you should protect it from situations where it may be hit or scratched. However, it is relatively resistant to normal wear and tear.

Also, try to avoid leaving citrine out in direct sunlight, as citrine is naturally sensitive to heat. Too much heat could cause this stone’s hue to fade. Finally, feel free to use a commercial jewelry piece cleaner or even plain soap plus warm water to keep this gemstone clean.

citrine bracelet

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