Introduction to Beading: Getting Started with Seed Bead Jewelry

There’s nothing like creating your own jewelry creations, especially when seed beads are involved. That’s because seed beads are easy to string together to create stunning pieces that passersby can’t take their eyes off of. Or, these beads can be handy to use as spacers that go between other types of beads in your jewelry pieces.

Never beaded with seed beads before? Don’t worry. We’ve compiled a guide on how to make your very own seed bead jewelry using a few core steps and a number of unique techniques. Let’s take a look at how you can easily start making jewelry with seed beads today.

Your Seed Bead Options for Jewelry Making

Seed beads are essentially glass beads in a variety of colors. These beads are usually size 11 and come with a number of finishes. For instance, many of these beads come with opaque finishes, meaning that the colors of these beads are bold and solid. Meanwhile, you’ll also find beads that are transparent, meaning that they are see-through. The benefit of transparent beads is that they offer a rather subtle color approach yet are far from boring.

Another seed bead finish option you’ll come across when diving into seed bead jewelry making is the silver-lined bead. These beads have flashy silver linings on transparent colors. In addition, you can start making jewelry with seed beads with metallic finishes. These beads are opaque and have reflective surfaces, usually in metal hues, like bronze, silver, and gold.

Tools You’ll Need for Jewelry Making

Once you’ve chosen your favorite seed bead options, you’ll need to collect a few other important materials for seed bead jewelry making.

For starters, you’ll need beading needles, which are different from sewing needles. Every part of the needle is the exact same width, including at the needle’s eye. The benefit of this is that it makes threading the needle and simultaneously passing your needle through a bead possible. As a general rule of thumb, a size 10 needle is excellent for beading size 11 beads.

In addition, you’ll need thread. Nylon thread is ideal for the majority of beading projects, as it is durable and strong. However, silk thread can also be extremely useful for stringing beads for your seed bead jewelry.

Additional Jewelry Making Supplies

Sharp scissors are also helpful to have to cut nylon thread. Make sure that your scissors feature a very fine point, as this will enable you to cut thread near your beadwork and also cut a thread’s end without fraying, thus leading to a clean design.

Furthermore, a beading mat may be helpful for keeping all of your seed beads in one place while you’re working on your seed bead jewelry. The benefit of this type of mat is that your needle won’t get stuck in the fabric since it is dense and behaves like foam. Also, your beads won’t sink into the surface like they would on soft material.

Finally, you might want to invest in some beeswax, as some threads behave better after they have been conditioned. Beeswax can be used to condition any thread that hasn’t already been waxed, thus making it less likely to knot, tangle, or fray.

Bead Jewelry-Making Stitches to Try

A particularly popular stitch for making seed bead jewelry is the peyote stitch. With this off-loom stitch technique, you’ll create a pattern that looks like you’re staggering beads, similarly to what you’d do when laying bricks.

With the peyote stitch, your thread will run horizontally through your beads, and every bead will be offset vertically by half of a bead of space. If your count of vertical columns is even, then you have what’s called even-count stitch. Meanwhile, if the number is odd, you have an odd-count peyote stitch. The even-count technique is a great one for beginners to try, as it is relatively simple to master.

Another common type of stitch to try is the ladder stitch, which is a basic technique for creating long jewelry pieces. This type of stitch can be performed using either one or a couple of needles. The benefit of using two needles is that it typically leads to a ladder shape with straighter beads than you’ll get when using a single needle. Using just one needle instead usually leads to a ladder with slightly tilted beads.

The brick stitch is yet another popular stitch option, as it mirrors the peyote stitch. What makes the brick stitch different from the peyote type, however, is that your thread will run vertically through your beads, rather than horizontally. Many people like to start their brick stitch seed bead jewelry work with a ladder stitch base row.

jars filled with colorful beads

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