Agate Beads 101

Agate beads have long been valued for their wide range of soft, bright, and dark hues, which can complement just about any outfit for any occasion. Agate continues to stand out among collectors and jewelry designers for its vibrantly colorful patterns and bands as well.

Here is a look at what wholesale agate beads have to offer for your next jewelry creation.

History of Agate

Various kinds of agate stones have been upheld since the Neolithic time period. Experts say that agate gemstones were initially used as healing amulets—a tradition that continued during the Ancient Greek and Egyptian civilizations. Apparently, agate got its name from a Greek philosopher named Theophrastus, who named it after the Achates River, which is now called the Dirillo River.

Today, agate beads are associated with multiple months, including September, June, and May, based on the culture. In addition, agate is linked to the Capricorn and Gemini Zodiac signs.

Physical Properties of Agate

Agate usually forms as a geode or nodule in an igneous rock. This happens when a hole or a pocket inside a rock is filled with layers of material, and the layers’ molecules start to crystallize. The end result is agate bands. The banding and color patterns vary based on the minerals present, the pressure, and temperature. You can easily find agates beside other types of minerals and rocks, such as amethyst.

Metaphysical Properties of Agate

During the 11th Century, Rennes Bishop Marbodus wrote that agate had the power to make the person wearing it more persuasive and friendly. In addition, he claimed that agate blessed its wearer with the favor of God. Camillo Leonardo, another important writer, also explained that agate offers the virtue of guarding people against storms/dangers and endowing them with strength.

Another alleged virtue of agate beads is that they release their wearers from materialism’s curse. At the same time, these beads are reportedly helpful for attaining riches by helping you to be cautious, temperate, and content. In fact, Leonardo claimed that wearing agate is what led to his own success in life.

Physical, Emotional & Mental Benefits

According to gemstone experts, agate may help to cure people of nightmares and insomnia. But this isn’t the only potential physical benefit of agate. Agate is additionally said to heal your eyes, uterus, and stomach. It is also thought that agate can help cleanse your pancreas and lymphatic system. It can even reportedly strengthen your blood vessels as well as heal your skin disorders.

Agate is also thought to rebalance and harmonize the body, spirit, and mind, as well as stabilize and cleanse the aura. In addition, agate may transform and eliminate negativity, enhance your mental function, boost your concentration, and increase your analytical and perception abilities.

Yet another reason why many jewelry lovers embrace agate is that it is believed to calm and soothe, heal any inner tension or anger you have, and create a feeling of safety and security. The virtues of love, good luck, acceptance, longevity, strength and courage, generosity, and appreciation of the natural world are also associated with agate stones.

So, all in all, agate beads appear to be an excellent option if you’re looking for beads that may help drive your financial success and physically feel your best.

green striped agate teardrop piece

What Makes Agate Stand Out?

What’s excellent about agate is that you can find it in a myriad of colors. Also, most of them have striations. For this reason, you’ll likely find many agate products with layered stripe patterns in them, such as fire agate. Varieties of popular agate today include moss agate and bloodstone.

As we mentioned earlier, agates form in layers, so sometimes you’ll find hollow spaces left inside these stones. These spaces are usually lined with drusy, or quartz crystals. These round balls, known as geodes, are extremely popular due to their beautiful crystal patterns and colors. For this reason, you may at some point come across agates featuring small pieces of drusy.

What Agate Complements

Because agate comes in a rainbow of colors, different types of agate will complement different types of gemstone colors. For instance, if you’re looking to use soft blue wholesale agate beads, this will pair well with gemstones that are pastel-colored.

In addition, if you want a striking look, consider mixing soft blue agate beads with red or orange beads, such as carnelian gemstone beads, amber crystal beads, and sunstone beads.

How to Care for Agate

When it comes to caring for agate beads, cleaning is a cinch. Why? Because agates are usually relatively hardy stones. All you need to do is rinse your agate with warm soapy water. You may also remove extra debris or dust using a brush with soft bristles. As a general rule of thumb, try to avoid using a harsh cleaner on wholesale agate beads.

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