How to Start an Online Jewelry Business

You’ve spent a few months to a few years perfecting the art of creating jewelry pieces that reflect your personality and match well with other people’s styles. You’re constantly getting compliments, but even without them, you feel a strong sense of pride in the creations you’re generating. Now, you’re ready to take things a step further: You’re ready to launch your own online jewelry business.

First off, congratulations on wanting to take that next step. Of course, if you want to thrive as an entrepreneur in the jewelry making business, you’ll need to master multiple steps for starting and owning your own business.

Here’s a rundown on how to start an online jewelry business and thus turn your hobby into a money-generating operation you can be proud of.

1. Create a Brand-New Business Website

The first step in creating your online jewelry business is to set up an e-commerce site.

As you explore how to start an online jewelry business, you may be wondering if you can simply sell your pieces in online marketplaces like ArtFire, eBay, or Etsy. These platforms are certainly popular and can come in handy if you’re a beginning business owner. However, the most ideal way to establish your credibility and grow your company is to create your own online store.

An online website builder can be used to create your e-commerce site. The great thing about this tool is that you can use it to choose your own site design. In addition, you can set up a site without needing technical or coding skills.

2. Choose Your Business Website’s Domain Name

If you’re wondering how to start an online jewelry business, note that in addition to selecting a site design for your online platform, you’ll need to choose your own website address. This is also called your domain name.

A domain name is critical in that it gives your website a branded identity and helps to create a recognizable, trustworthy, and professional business image for you. Along with picking your own domain name, you’ll need to register the name. Once it’s registered, nobody else can use it legally.

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3. Post Your Jewelry Pieces

You’ve got your website and a registered domain name to go with it. What now?

As you continue to explore how to start an online jewelry business, you should begin to gather all of the jewelry creations that you have already made and wish to sell. Then, take quality images of these jewelry pieces, such as glass bead bracelets, so that you can post them on your website.

Besides your professional product photos, you should place informative descriptions of your products. But don’t hold back in this area. Make sure that the descriptions you write are indeed factual yet persuasive and enticing so that online users will be motivated to press your “order” buttons.

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4. Provide Payment Options

At this point, you’re relatively close to going live online. However, as you explore how to start an online jewelry business, you’ll need to set up payment options for your customers first. For instance, you could take payments through sources like PayPal, Square, Apple Pay, Stripe, or Amazon Pay. You could even accept wire transfers.

No matter which payment options you accept, just make sure that your site carries Secure Sockets Layer, or SSL, security. This security layer encrypts the financial data that your customers enter into your website, which means that their credit card numbers, for example, will be safeguarded against hacking attempts. The great thing is that many e-commerce website builders include SSL security automatically on the websites that their clients create.

5. Arrange Product Shipping

In addition to accepting payment options, you’ll have to set up an excellent system for shipping your products as you focus on how to start an online jewelry business.

You’ll need to choose an address from which you’ll ship your products. In addition, you’ll need to decide which areas you will ship your jewelry creations to. For instance, you could decide to ship only to people in your state or to other parts of the United States or the world.

Furthermore, you may want to consider offering free shipping to your customers for orders above a certain dollar limit. This is an excellent way to draw new customers to your business.

6. Market Your Jewelry Offerings

Finally, as you investigate how to start an online jewelry business, make sure that you create a plan for marketing your business’s offerings.

The great thing about using an e-commerce website builder is that it already comes with search engine optimization tools built-in. These tools automatically capture the attention of search engines, like Google. As a result, your business website is more likely to show up higher on search engine result pages when consumers look for the types of products you sell.

You may also want to post your products on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Amazon. In this way, you can take advantage of multichannel selling—a process that will expand your reach online and thus make it even easier for potential buyers to stumble across your handmade jewelry pieces.

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Start Your Own Jewelry Business Today

Today couldn’t be a better time to figure out how to start an online jewelry business. After all, the push for custom gemstone jewelry is a growing movement globally. And if you join this movement successfully, you could easily see your own bank account grow right along with it.

Fortunately, you don’t have to begin your foray into jewelry making business ownership on your own. At BeadsVenture, we offer a number of helpful tools and supplies for developing a large volume of fashion-forward jewelry creations that will keep up with the trends. We specifically take pride in our wholesale discount model, where you can mix and match items for big savings.

Get in touch with us to learn more about how to start an online jewelry business and order high-quality jewelry making supplies today!

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