Labradorite Beads 101

As you close your eyes, you envision creating one of the most lustrous, captivating pieces of jewelry you’ve ever produced. Then, you open your eyes and wonder how you can transfer that vision from your head to your hands.

Chances are that what you saw in your vision was labradorite beads. And the good news is that working with labradorite beads to create your own stunning jewelry pieces couldn’t be easier or more enjoyable. Here’s a rundown on everything you need to know about these awe-inspiring beads for jewelry making.

Labradorite Bead Qualities

Labradorite, which is a part of the feldspar gemstone group, stands out for its unique hue coupled with an optical effect called adularescence, or labradorescence. This effect occurs as a result of light diffraction in this stone’s various layers.

The stone’s colors range from gray-green to dark gray and even gray-white. However, because labradorite beads feature aggregate layers, they are capable of refracting light that looks like flashes of gold, blue, and even pale green, though blue hues are most commonly seen. The above mentioned properties of labradorite make these types of beads a beautiful addition to any piece of jewelry.

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Meaning Behind the Labradorite Bead

Labradorite, whose nickname is “fire stone,” is said to possess a significant amount of spiritual energy. In fact, metaphysical believers claim that labradorite beads help with regulating your feelings and strengthening the wearer’s aura against the negative. Labradorite is also praised for reportedly strengthening the wearer’s intuition and even promoting psychic capabilities.

On a physical level, the people you create labradorite jewelry for may be excited to wear it due to its potential to help with brain and eye disorders, as well as stimulate their mental acuity. Relieving stress and anxiety, regulating metabolism, and even lowering blood pressure are just a few other potential capabilities associated with labradorite beads.

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Labradorite Bead Options

A large number of labradorite bead varieties are available for jewelry making, such as a round, glossy variety known for its Schiller effect. This effect is characterized by multi-dimensional tones and hues, such as yellow, orange, red, green, and blue, that shine brilliantly. You can easily find this type of bead in sizes ranging from 7mm to 8 mm.

Another popular labradorite bead option is a 15mm gemstone that is heart faceted. These high-quality stones are alluring because light reflects from their various twinning surfaces in such a way as to make these stones appear multi-colored. These gemstones can be eye-catching additions to necklaces and bracelets.

Labradorite beads also come in several other forms, such as rondelle, nugget, diamond, barrel, and even chip form, to fit your unique jewelry creation vision.

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Jewelry-Making Ideas with Labradorite

The possibilities are virtually endless when it comes to using labradorite to create several jewelry pieces for your personal use or as part of your jewelry making business. Let’s take a look at some jewelry ideas that work well with labradorite beads.

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If you like stud earrings, then labradorite can easily be used to create some dazzling ones. You can simply attach labradorite beads to sturdy earring backings. In fact, if you’d like to make your creation ultra-trendy, you can make the two earrings have labradorite beads of different shades to align with the current trend of wearing mismatched earrings.

Chandelier earrings with labradorite beads can also be show-stoppers and are thus excellent additions to today’s jewelry collections. In fact, you can mix labradorite with other gemstone beads that complement it to produce a truly interesting and unique design.

Yet another dreamy earring creation is the dreamcatcher earring, which is easy to assemble using the labradorite rondelle bead. These beads are available in various complementary hues. As a matter of fact, you can use gradually darkening labradorite colors to create the currently in-demand ombre appearance that fashionistas especially love to don in the summer.


Labradorite beads can additionally come in handy for putting together mesmerizing necklaces that will go well with just about any outfit. For instance, for an easy-to-create jewelry craft, just string a labradorite bead onto a chain made from sterling silver, and voila! You instantly have a simple yet gorgeous jewelry piece that will easily complement your favorite wardrobe pieces.

Layered necklaces are also popular these days, so it only makes sense to try your hand at creating these riveting necklaces with labradorite beads as well. A variety of labradorite bead options can be used in a single custom layered necklace to quickly upgrade your look and tie it all together. In the same way, these beads can easily become part of a statement necklace if you’re looking for a bold and bulky piece that people can’t help but notice when you show up in it.


You can also create your own chain bracelets using labradorite. The great thing about a chain bracelet is that it is a simple way to stand out for all the right reasons. Labradorite rondelle pieces can be used in tandem with other small beads that are round and that feature complementary hues. In the end, you’ll have an enchanting jewelry piece that you’ll likely never tire of wearing on any occasion.

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Start Producing Lovely Creations with Labradorite Today!

With the wide variety of labradorite beads available for jewelry makers today, you’d be hard-pressed to find ones you don’t instantly fall in love with. Fortunately, at BeadsVenture, we offer a number of labradorite options that you can use to create trendy jewelry pieces for yourself or your clients.

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