Amazonite Beads 101

You can’t wait to unveil your new outfit for your next date night, but something’s missing. It doesn’t take long for you to realize that the missing piece is a stunning piece of jewelry to add pizzazz to your ensemble. And after further investigation, you may just realize that the missing jewelry piece is one created with amazonite beads.

Amazonite gemstone beads are rare bluish-green beads that are extremely popular for jewelry making today due to their relative uniqueness and intriguing beauty. Here’s a rundown on all you need to know about these captivating beads before you use them in your newest jewelry creations.

History of Amazonite

The amazonite stone is a variety of a mineral called microcline, which is a type of alkali feldspar. Ancient Egyptians made amazonite stone famous after creating attractive ornamental and jewelry pieces with it. Likewise, people from the Middle East created items using amazonite. However, experts have also found amazonite stones among artifacts in South America as well as Central America pre-Colombia.

Amazonite’s Additional Origins

Popular amazonite stones have also come from Russia, where the stone has been discovered in granite in the area of the Ilmen Mountains. Other places where the gemstone has been found include the United States (namely in Maine and near the area of Pike’s Peak in Colorado), Australia, Madagascar, Zimbabwe, Canada, Tanzania, India, and even Namibia.

A chunk of amazonite

Additional Amazonite Facts

The amazonite stone got its name from the Amazon River, where it was initially thought to have originated, but experts later indicated that this was untrue. Still, the stone has indeed been mined in various places throughout Brazil.

As a general rule of thumb, the stone can be found in pegmatites, gneisses, schists, granite pegmatites, pegmatites, and hydrothermal veins, as well as in sedimentary rocks as grains. Amazonite forms in igneous rocks that cooled slowly at one point.

Physical Properties of Amazonite

Amazonite is an opaque stone that is widely known for its brilliant blue-green hue. It also usually features gray, yellow, or white inclusions, in addition to having a silky, silvery or luster sheen. What’s unique and so appealing about amazonite is that it can be polished but still features a natural, raw texture that makes any ensemble that much more interesting.

Years ago, it was thought that the stone’s color was the result of copper’s presence. However, nowadays, its color is linked to either iron or lead.

Metaphysical Properties of Amazonite

According to experts, amazonite beads possess a number of healing characteristics. For instance, amazonite gemstone beads are said to improve the skin as well as alleviate exhaustion, stress, and muscle spasms. In addition, amazonite may help with issues related to your thyroid glands thanks to its healing quality. It can even allegedly help in the treating of alcoholism as well as trauma, fatigue, and any other issue that could sap a person’s energy.

Artistic Benefits

Like jade, an amazonite gemstone is tied to overall success, luck, and money. As a matter of fact, it is recommended that you wear amazonite before you gamble. Amazonite beads are also said to be invaluable for people who produce art—such as dancers, musicians, and writers—because it releases their emotional grief via creative expression. As these beads reportedly create success, this helps art producers to concentrate and complete their projects.

Personal and Social Benefits

Amazonite beads are also widely recognized for potentially boosting people’s self-validation and self-confidence. In addition, if you’d like to improve your marriage and your social interactions, then you can’t go wrong with amazonite.

Another noteworthy quality of amazonite is that it reportedly soothes your spirit and calms your soul. For this reason, amazonite beads are thought to promote clear thinking. The stone is said to be powerful at tempering aggression, stilling anything that is disquiet, and taming all that is irrational. All in all, it is the perfect stone to wear if you’re looking to enjoy balance and harmony on a whole new level.

amazonite stone pendant for a goddess

What Makes Amazonite Stand Out?

Amazonite pieces that are beautifully fashioned can be extremely valuable and in-demand due to their wide variety of colors. In addition to being bluish-green or pale-green, amazonite can come in colors ranging from gray to red, pink, blue, yellow, and white.

Sometimes amazonite beads are confused with jade and turquoise because they can resemble one another. Also, when it comes to Moh’s scale of hardness, where 10 is the hardest, amazonite is rated at a 6 to a 6.5.

How to Care for Amazonite

When it comes to cleaning your amazonite beads, be sure to use lukewarm soapy water. Avoid using an ultrasonic cleaner or steamer. Likewise, stay away from chemicals such as abrasives and acids, as these can damage this type of stone. In the same way, sharp blows and scratches can damage this beautiful gemstone.

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