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What are Seed Beads - TOHO Japanese Seed Beads

Japanese seed beads are among the most popular seeds beads in the world, and rightfully so! These TOHO Japanese seed beads are made with extreme precision to ensure their uniform shape and size! In addition, Japanese seed beads are highly regarded as some of the finest seed beads in their world due to their consitent sizing and shape, but due to their pigmented colors and finishes that stand the test of time! In this article, you will learn about the difference shapes, sizes, and finishes of all the various types Japanese seed beads!  

What are the Different Types of Seed Beads? 

There are so many different types of seed beads! The most common types of seed beads are Japanese cylinder beads, Japanese seed beads, and Czech glass seed beads. You can find seed beads manufactured in China, however when it comes to quality it is very important to consider spending a few extra dollars in order to purchase the best quality beads possible, which popularly come from Japan and the Czech Republic. 

Japanese Seed Beads

Japanese manufacturers of round seed beads (rocailles) are known for their precision-made, high quality colors and finishes that are uniform in size. Popular Japanese manufacturers are Miyuki, TOHO, and Matsuno; all brands that produce some of the highest quality seed beads in the world! 

Czech Seed Beads

These seed beads manufactured in the Czech Republic are not always uniform in size, but often are used in pieces that have an irregular shape and appearance! These seed beads are typically donut shaped, and have smaller holes than Japanese seed beads and are not always best for fine, detailed bead weaving projects. These seed beads are typically cheaper to buy than Japanese seed beads. 

What are the sizes and shapes of seed beads?

There are several different sizes of seed beads, and come in a common number of sizes. The most common sizes of seed beads are sizes 6/0, 8/0, 10/0, 11/0, and 15/0. The sizes for these seed beads are unique, as the smaller the number, the larger of bead size it is. For example, our 11/0 TOHO Japanese seed beads are most popularly used in bead weaving and for very detailed beading projects! 

What are the colors and finishes of seed beads?

  • Transparent - These seed bears are completely transparent on the inside and outside.
  • Color-lined – These are seed beads come with a variety of colored linings on the inside of the bead and a transparent glass coating on the outside.
  • Silver, gold or metal-lined – These metallic lined on the inside to give a shiny, metal looking effect to any beading creation! 
  • Frosted transparent – One of the most beautiful finishes, these seed beads are frosted matte finished.
  • Opaque – These are solid color seed beads, either in a shiny or matte finish.
  • Luster – Finished with a pearlized iridescence. 
  • Rainbow – Finish for a dimensional, iridescent rainbow reflect and color.  


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