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Amethyst Beads at Wholesale Prices

The color purple has long been known to carry a variety of meanings, ranging from luxury and power to grandeur and magic. It’s for this reason that purple remains among the most popular hues in the world. And it’s for this same reason that many women love the idea of incorporating purple beads into their daily styles. At BeadsVenture, we provide top-tier amethyst beads at wholesale pricing so that you or your clients will look extravagant on all occasions.

The Lure of Amethyst Beads

The amethyst bead is a transparent dark or light gemstone that belongs to the quartz family and displays reddish to violet hues. Ancient Greeks believed that this stone possessed magical properties designed to protect its wearer from overindulging. Over the past few centuries, amethyst beads have become highly prized stones, even being used in royal and religious jewelry.

Amethyst beads at wholesale company BeadsVenture are available in a large number of sizes and hues to suit your or your client’s unique style. For example, we offer round and glossy amethyst beads along with rose quartz and aquamarine beads that are 8 millimeters around—perfect for creating trendy jewelry pieces. Our amethyst purple jade beads are another ideal option due to their eye-catching and naturally mysterious look.

Take Advantage of Our Amethyst Beads Today!

With our top-of-the-line amethyst beads, you can easily find the right touch of purple for your own bead collection or your client’s distinct style. On top of this, we are a domestic brand, so you can rest assured that the products we sell are top quality every time.

Contact us to find out more about our amethyst beads and begin adding them to your collection of jewelry-creating supplies today!