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If you’re looking to make a bold statement with your jewelry, you can’t go wrong with labradorite beads. That’s because labradorite remains one of the most unique stones in the gemstone world. Fortunately, at BeadsVenture we have an extensive selection of these alluring beads for both jewelry-making hobbyists and business owners who are looking to stand out from the rest.

Labradorite Beads

When you look at labradorite beads via wholesale bead provider BeadsVenture, you may see regular-looking rocks from certain angles. However, if you change your perspective as you look at one of the rocks, you’ll start to see a seemingly mysterious green and blue light. This extraordinary effect is known as labradorescence.

In addition to loving these beads’ unique effect, many jewelry enthusiasts love labradorite because it’s said to drive away negative energy and to have healing powers. At BeadsVenture, we are certain of one thing: labradorite beads can quickly turn heads and draw a lot of positive attention your way.

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Our high-quality labradorite beads come in various hues, ranging from black to gray. Our customers love our beads because they are not only top quality but also affordable. We offer handpicked beads at highly competitive prices so that you and/or your customers can enjoy wearing them on all occasions time and time again.

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