Gemstone beads remain a popular component of jewelry pieces because they have a unique ability to define their wearers through design and art. Moonstone beads in particular are in demand because of their unique appearance and the meaning behind them. We at BeadsVenture are proud to offer a vast selection of these types of wholesale gemstone beads for trendy jewelry makers like you.

      Why Moonstone Beads?

      Moonstones have been highly regarded since ancient times and today are known for being both affordable and captivating to look at. Legend has it that gray moonstone beads prevent negative energy and support personal growth, in addition to possessing the awe-inspiring glow effect for which all moonstone beads are known. However, bluish moonstone beads are especially popular because of their mysterious and illustrious tones.

      Still, these beads come in many more colors, including a milky white, multiple colors together, red, peach, black, and even orange. These wholesale gemstone beads can be faceted or glossy and also come in various sizes, ranging from 6 millimeters to 8, 10, and 12 millimeters.

      Shine on with the Power of Moonstone Beads Today!

      If you’re looking for glamorous-looking beads that match the latest styles, you made the right choice. These beads come in a wide variety of shapes, including slab, diamond, chip, box, and round, to suit you or your clients’ unique styles and design preferences.

      Explore all of our options for wholesale gemstone beads and find the right ones for your needs today.