Charms and Pendants Collection

Charms and Pendants for Jewelry Making

The clothes you wear, the way you style your hair, and your makeup choice—they are all unique to you. So, it only makes sense to choose jewelry pieces that are personal as well. At BeadsVenture, that’s where we come in.

We offer a wide variety of charms and pendants that you can include in your personally created jewelry pieces to share an inspiring sentiment or message about yourself with others. Or if you’re a business owner, you can use some of our popular charms and pendants for jewelry making. Either way, you can access hearts, crosses, and many other shapes and designs through our unparalleled collection online.

Charm and Pendant Options

Some of our most popular wholesale charms and pendants include gemstone pendants. From amethyst to quartz, our gemstone pendants are perfect for the buyer to wear or to send to others as gifts.

You can also tap into the allure of our sea life charms if ocean life is near and dear to your or your client’s heart. From fish to sea star charms, the wearer can experience a hint of life at the beach no matter where she lives.

We also provide charms featuring various symbols, including the peace sign, flowers, fingerprints, and even puzzle pieces. These charms are perfect for women to show off their personalities and interests in fun ways every time they wear them.

At BeadsVenture we make it easy for you to shop for charms and pendants for jewelry making. Take a look at our expansive BeadsVenture collection to grab the perfect charms and pendants for your latest jewelry creations today.