Frequently Asked Questions

⋆ How much is the shipping?
We offerΒ free shippingΒ on all subscriptions.

⋆ When will my box ship?
Your first box will be shipped right away. Normally 0-4 business days. We ship all the following boxes on theΒ 7th of the month.

⋆ Will I receive the same beads each month?
No. We change each month depending on occasions and seasons.

⋆ What will I receive?
You will be getting trendy, and season-appropriate beads for jewelry making. Some of them are exclusive for subscribers only. Beads only, no charms, or other items.

⋆ Does the same month's boxes contain the same items per box?
Mostly. We keep the same theme every month.

⋆ When will I be charged every month?
We process the payment the day we ship your box. If the payment failed, the payment will automatically retry for 2-3 times in a 2 week window.

⋆ How can I cancel?
If you need to cancel, simply email us at
We do not offer returns for subscriptions at this moment due to high demand.Β