Tassel Collection

Tassels for Jewelry

If you’re looking for a proven yet fresh way to capture another person’s attention with your jewelry, you can’t go wrong with tassels.

Tassels are an excellent way to fashionably decorate earrings, necklaces, and bracelets because they offer a playful, dangling look that will no doubt turn heads. At BeadsVenture, we provide several options for tassels for jewelry so that you can create fun decorative pieces that you or your clients will look forward to wearing again and again.

Why Tassels Should Be a Part of Your Jewelry Pieces

The use of tassels is a 1920s fashion trend that is currently experiencing a revival. These Art Deco time period accessories come in numerous colors and are excellent to match with your favorite gemstones.

For example, you can select our red two-layered tassel earrings, whose color is said to represent prosperity in Chinese culture. These earrings offer a bold hue and are conveniently lightweight, so they can easily be worn all night long. We also offer tassel earrings in a yellow hue—another color that is a symbol of prosperity in Chinese culture.

Additional Tassel Options

At BeadsVenture, we also offer tassels for jewelry in shades of pink, beige, light purple, dark purple, medium blue, vibrant blue, green, and baby blue—just to name a few. In addition, along with layered tassels made of cotton, we offer fan tassels made of faux leather, fan tassels made of cotton, capped tassels made of faux suede, and silky tassels.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our tassels for jewelry and experience their charm firsthand today!