How to Create your own Elastic Bracelets!

Hello BeadsVenturers!

Are you new to making jewelry? Do you feel overwhelmed on where to begin?! Making jewelry can be as complicated, or as simple as you make it! Starting off learning the basics will save you a lot of time initially staring to design and create new jewelry pieces. In this blog post, we are sharing with you how to create elastic bracelets that: 

1. last for a long time

2. only takes 5 minutes (or less) to make

3. only needs a few supplies

4. can sell to friends, family or even to strangers

With this simple tutorial, you will learn how to achieve all of these four goals above!


The Jewelry Supply list :

Jewelry Supply List

1.) Your favorite beads (gemstones, glass beads, or even wood beads).  You can also mix them with different material and sizes however you want to. At BeadsVenture, we are total gemstone junkies, so we picked a couple of our all natural gemstones to start with: 8mm round amethyst and 8mm round rose quartz.

2.) Elastic cord. It is important that you use elastic cord that will go back to its original shape after stretch. We use 0.8mm NinjaCord, since most of our 8mm beads will fit through 0.7mm NinjaCord and 0.8mm Ninjacord

3.) Scissors. To cut the cord.

We only used these three items above to make an elastic bracelet, but you can use a beading board to plan out your jewelry designs and some tape in order to secure the elastic ends. You can also use jewelry glue for extra security. 

Now let's get started!

1. Measure your bracelet size. If you are making the bracelet for yourself, wrap the elastic around your wrist and add 0.5 - 1 inches for a better fit. If you are making jewelry for a friend, consider checking out this post for approximate sizing. Then add another 4-5 inches for an easier knot. So if your wrist is 6.5 inches, cut 11 inches elastic cord.

2. Design and string your beads!  You do not need needles to thread the beads, simply use your imagination and bead away! Looking for inspiration? Join our BeadsVenture Facebook group to see our jewelry creations and as well as connect with other small jewelry business owners

3. Stretch the cord. After all the beads are strung, slightly stretch the cord so it will make the bracelets last longer and not have any gaps between the beads. 

 Cord and Beads


4. Make the knot! We strongly recommend using a surgeon's knot (square knot or the granny knot are also great options).

Making the Knot

5. Hide the knot. Simply tuck the knot under the nearest bead. For extra security, dab a dot of jewelry glue inside of the bead.

Finishing the elastic bracelet

Done! Now you can wear your first piece of your own and show it off to your friends! This tutorial is simple and yet fast. You can also add your own charms, spacers, or tassels for a more trendy and personalized look. 

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